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Back to Season 11 Index Episode: Guess Who's Coming to Criticise Dinner

General Information

  • Season: 11
  • Production Code: AABF21
  • Episode Number: 0
  • Airdate: 23 October 1999
  • Writer: Al Jean
  • Director: Nancy Kruse
  • Editor: Gary M. Gadsdon


When on a field trip with Bart and Lisa, Homer wanders away from the tour and into a farewell party, where the editor offers Homer a job as a food critic for the newspaper, his first review isn't very good,so he enlists Lisa's help to write them. After talking to some other critic's, he starts to give everywhere bad reviews. Soon, many restaurant owners are after him, and plan to use a chocolate éclair to kill him, just as Homer is about to eat it, Lisa comes up with an excuse to get Homer to not eat it, and they have to quickly flee from the restaurant owners.

Intro Gags

Maggie's Appearences

  • Maggie helps Homer write a report by pictching "sucked"

Lisa's Appearences

  • Lisa aids Homer with his first review
  • Lisa prevents Homer from eating the eclair

Maggie Framegrabs - 10

Lisa Framegrabs - 53

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