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Back to Season 21 Index Episode: Stealing First Base

General Information

  • Season: 21
  • Production Code: MABF07
  • Broadcast Index: S21E15
  • Episode Number: 456
  • Airdate: 21 March 2010
  • Writer: John Frink
  • Director: Steven Dean Moore
  • Editor: Gary M. Gadsdon


When Mrs. Krabappel is away in Portland to deprogram her sister from a Cult, Principal Skinner has to merge the two fourth grade classes together, so they all share desks. Bart gets the last one which is owned by a girl named Nikki McKenna (voiced by Sarah Silverman).

At first, she shows no interest in him, but after seeing his artistic skills, she falls for him. Bart, seeks advice from Homer, but gets nothing. So he talks to Grampa who suggests that he should kiss her. After skateboarding at school he does. She recoils in disgust, leaving Bart confused. Nikki's parents, who are lawyers threaten to sue the school unless it is declared an affection free zone. Bart's confusion is amplified more when Nikki hides in his locker and kisses him again.

Meanwhile, Lisa discovers that she got an F in a test, and discovers that the kids now want to play with her because she's cool now that she's failed, but in fact, the F belonged to Ralph who only copied the Lisa name, not the answers. Lisa blogs about being an overachiever and gets a comment by a user with the name "Flotus1" It is later discovered that the user, was stood for First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. The First Lady gives a speech about how overachievers shouldn't be bullied, as they would soon be running the country.

On the roof, Bart and Nikki are watching and have an argument causing Bart to fall off. Principal Skinner refuses to give Bart CPR until the ambulance comes due to the no touch policy in place. Nikki says that she knows CPR and offers to resuscitate Bart. Skinner refuses, but Nikki forces her way through. The next day, Bart thanks Nikki for saving his life, but Bart remains in confusion towards female behavior.  

Intro Gags

Lisa's Appearences

  • Lisa jumps off her desk flat on her face after believing that everything is a dream
  • Lisa blogs about being an overachiever.

Lisa Framegrabs - 60

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