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Back to Ullman Index Episode: World War III

General Information

  • Season: 0
  • Production Code: MG20
  • Broadcast Index: U02E09
  • Episode Number: 16
  • Airdate: 22 November 1987
  • Writer: Matt Groening
  • Director: Matt Groening
  • Editor: Gary M. Gadsdon


Homer practices the family for when there is a nuclear war. The family are none-to-happy though.

Intro Gags

Maggie's Appearences

  • Maggie applies the padlock on the door to the bomb shelter.

Lisa's Appearences

  • Lisa shuts the door on the bomb shelter

Maggie Framegrabs - 9

Lisa Framegrabs - 9

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Memorable Quotage

  • Homer: I'm timing you! If you're all quick enough, this will be our last nuclear war drill.
    Bart: If we're quick enough, you'll let us sleep?
    Homer: Lets go go go!
  • Bart: Are you sure this is okay Mom?
    Marge: We'll let him out in the morning.
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  • There is a picture of a rocket in Bart's Bedroom
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Cultural References

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Latest Reviews

xx Posted on 13 March 2010 by Gars
A nice short. I like that Homer got his comeuppance.