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Back to Ullman Index Episode: Bart's Little Fantasy

General Information

  • Season: 0
  • Production Code: MG41
  • Broadcast Index: U03E08
  • Episode Number: 37
  • Airdate: 05 February 1989
  • Writer: Matt Groening
  • Director: Matt Groening
  • Editor: Gary M. Gadsdon


Bart tells Lisa and Maggie a story of where the children are parents, and the parents are children.

Intro Gags

Maggie's Appearences

  • A Grown up Maggie is standing behind a grown up Bart and Lisa when they punish a child Homer and Marge.

Lisa's Appearences

  • A Grown up Lisa is standing behind a grown up Bart and Maggie when they punish a child Homer and Marge.

Maggie Framegrabs - 7

Lisa Framegrabs - 9

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Memorable Quotage

  • Homer: Get in there!
    Marge: And clean up that mess!
    Lisa: Do we have to?
    Homer: Yup.
    Bart: Why?
    Marge: Because we're the parents, and you're the children.
  • Bart: Get in there!
    Lisa: And clean up that mess!
    Marge: Do we have to?
    Bart: Yup.
    Homer: Why?
    Lisa: Because we're the children, and you're the parents.
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  • The styles of the clothes the characters wear reverses depending on their age
  • When Bart and Lisa are kids, the room is filled with toys, but when Homer and Marge are kids, the room is filled with clothes and sports equipment
  • Homer retains his 5-o'clock shadow despite being a kid, when adults, Lisa has breasts, but Maggie does not, and Maggie also retains her pacifier.
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Cultural References

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Latest Reviews

xx Posted on 15 March 2010 by Gars
A nice reversal between the kids and the parents. Its a decent enough storyline.