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Back to Season 23 Index Episode: Treehouse of Horror XXII

General Information

  • Season: 23
  • Production Code: NABF19
  • Broadcast Index: S23E03
  • Episode Number: 489
  • Airdate: 30 October 2011
  • Writer: Carolyn Omine
  • Director: Matthew Faughnan
  • Editor: Gary M. Gadsdon


In the opening segment, the kids return home with their Trick or Treating haul, which is swiftly confiscated by Marge, and taken to Candy Eating Peak by Homer. Homer falls down a cliff and gets his arm trapped under a boulder. He tries to reach for the candy but fails. So he chews his arm off only to find out that Bart has switched the candy with veggies. The kids sit in Bart's room eating their haul.

THE DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERBALL: Homer wakes up to find that he's paralyzed from an earlier spider bite. Unable to talk, he finds a way to communicate by farting with Lisa's help. He gets bitten again and gains Spider-Man like powers.

DIAL D FOR DIDDLY: Ned Flanders becomes a serial killer, killing Homer's enemies by who he believes to be God himself, but it turns out that it's Homer using a voice alteration device, which is outputted by Flanders's new bible. God himself takes things into his own hands by killing Homer, and it appears that he's working for Satan, who is also dating Maude.

IN THE NA'VI: In a parody of Avatar, Bart and Milhouse are sent as avatars of the Rigel VII race to find some Hilarium. Bart meets a Rigellian girl who mates with Bart and ends up pregnant. To keep her cravings at bay, they take her to the queen which secretes Hilarium. Milhouse notifies the base who charge at their spot. Rigel VII itself fights back against the humans, and Bart also turns on his home race.

The curtains close on the show with Lisa telling everyone that Halloween is over and it's time to start thinking about Christmas.

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