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Title: The Simpsons handbook Secret tips from the pros.
Post by: Leif on February 15, 2012, 04:35:39 PM
Book review.

If you want to draw Simpsons characters, this book is a great help. It starts out with a few basic tips about how to organize your workspace. And then on to the actual drawing.
First up is how to draw Homer. You get some standard drawings and a lot of tips about how to get the right proportions on your drawings. Have you ever seen those sketches where there are a lot of blurry extra lines behind the actual drawing? This book explains how these lines help make Homers head the right size.
Also there is some fun descriptions about how to see the deferent parts of the drawing, as common day object. Homers body can be seen as a light bulb. ;-) And there are small hits on how to get some details right.
After the basics there is several pages filed with details. Like a page full of deferent face expressions. All of them with the help lines visible, so you can compare with the first pages. There are also a semi transparent page to show how the finished drawing compares to the one with all the help lines.
After Homer the other main family members get the same treatment.
After the main family a bit more than half of the book is filled with basic descriptions about how to draw many of the supporting characters. Now and then a character gets a few more pages to put in some fun details. But you do feel the lack of details on some characters.
Lat there is a few pages on how to make the right perspective on the background. And a bit of other extras.
Al in al a book with a lot of useful tips and trick if you are serious about drawing Simpsons characters the official way.
Title: Re: The Simpsons handbook Secret tips from the pros.
Post by: Ivan on February 15, 2012, 05:04:36 PM
Amazing book. Even thought it's first and foremost a drawing guide, I still managed to just sit and read it from front to back. I especially love the back of the book, with the different overlapping pages that make up the scene.