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Title: WTB: Simpsons Comics UK #201
Post by: Werner on December 28, 2012, 10:30:19 AM
I stumbled on this forum after seeing a link on I am looking for the *UK version* of Simpsons Comics #201 (Summer Shindig) because something has gone wrong in the mail, I haven't received it, and it seemingly can't be ordered as a back issue. I will of course pay a decent price for it if you could send it over to Belgium. If you would be able to help me out please mail me at werner_peeters at skynet dot be or leave a message here.
Title: Re: WTB: Simpsons Comics UK #201
Post by: Gazmanafc on December 28, 2012, 12:29:13 PM
That kind of thing can happen over Christmas where mail is delayed.

How long have you been waiting for it? If it's been longer than 4 weeks, let the seller know that it has been lost in the mail and they should send you another one for free, or offer you a refund.

International Shipping can easily take two weeks or more.

I would offer to sell you UK comics, but I don't collect them anymore, so I never actually reached 201. :P