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Androids Dungeon / Selling My Simpsons Collection
« On: August 03, 2013, 06:32:25 AM »
I am ready to move on and I will be selling my entire collection. I spent over 5 years putting together my collection and I was able to amass some of the very, very difficult-to-find and rare items and also some items I've never seen or heard of before or since. I have a website that lists many of the items I have in my collection - - click on the collection tab at the top to view by category. I never got everything in my collection listed so there is lots more.

If you're looking for specific items to fill in your collection and you don't see it listed on that website it doesn't mean I don't have it, please ask and I'd be happy to let you know if I have it in my collection. Please send me an email, my address is or send me a PM here on the board. Looking forward to hearing from everyone and thank you for your time.

My eBay username is crib_troll and here is a link to My eBay page. I have been a member of eBay since 2004 and have 100% positive feedback and a feedback score of over 800. I have bought and sold both on and off eBay a lot over the years, and I'd be happy to deal with anyone from this message board directly and cut out the eBay middle-man to save us both a couple bucks.

I will be listing lots of items from all corners of my collection in the coming weeks and months. If there is anything you'd like to see listed on eBay please let me know.

I will gladly ship to all international locations!

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