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Author Topic: Lets Play Minecraft Spellbound Caves with Facilitated Learning  (Read 14728 times)

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Lets Play Minecraft Spellbound Caves with Facilitated Learning
« On: November 27, 2012, 07:31:00 PM »
Two friends from University join forces to take on Vechs's Super Hostile 10: Spellbound Caves. We have agreed to play Minecraft under the moniker of "Facilitated Learning" as a reference to a tutors quote that they're not there to teach, but to "facilitate our learning"

Super Hostile maps are a series of maps that are designed to be challenging and enemy combat puzzles to complete a victory monument of sixteen wool blocks found in Fleece Boxes, and three ore blocks (iron, gold and diamond).

This is my perspective. Unlike Chireiden I have watched a few Lets Plays of Spellbound Caves, but they were never in depth, so there's only one or two secrets that I remember are present.

This will be my perspective.


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