Humourus update title
October 01, 2010, 05:17:39 AM
With the start of Season 22, I have some new content to post. For MABF21 - Elementary School Musical we have a full synopsis of the episode, and now with the new Episode Guide system, you can contribute content of your own. We do also have Screenshots and Music from the episode, FOX has also released Promo Cards for the following two episodes.

Thanks to the Season 13 DVD set, I've been able to add to the Blackboards, Couch Gags, Arrests, Penants, Paintings, Headlines, Vacations, Stationary, and Stranglings and End Credit Collection, pages. I have framegrabed the episodes, but those are not available as of yet.

Some new sections have been added thanks to Leif Jensen, who created a set of Avatars, in the Media section, the Mugshots, from 2F16 - Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One), and the Fan Comics, which unlike TCB and LTBQ, Thumbnail images are used this time, there is also a new fan fic added to the collection, known simply as Wings, the story is about Lisa somehow managing to gain wings and the ability to fly. Probably best not to ask on that one, it makes just as much sense as Simpsons Fantasy does.

Some new pictures have also been added, some by me, and some by Leif Jensen, Leif also sent a few new Wallpapers.

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