Building a better future... for him.
November 03, 2005, 05:43:54 AM
Let's see, how to put this in a way an 8 year-old would understand...

Future Nick needs to double-update TCB so the users won't get a 'not so fresh' feeling. Actually I'm here to both shock and educate you by posting the unique blend of juices that are my artistic skillz and to be Gary's lacky until I buy him out. :magwink:

Right now I myself have no new content to bring to the party however, I will sacrifice my human sleep-cycle and sacrifice my fingertips to bring a chuckle to you n00bs, normies, 1337s, g33ks, and all other paraphanilia spelled with the numeric system. So be prepared to scratch your head as I refrence movies from the 1960's and bring it all to you in easy-to-swallow 1980's gel caplete form. ((END COMMUNICATION))
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